Where Beauty and Privacy Meet

Welcome to the world of Lucid where beauty and privacy meet. Each installation whether it is residential, corporate, healthcare or hospitality elevates the space creating an undeniable wow-factor. Electrochromic film achieves what traditional opaque window tint can’t touch. Smart window treatments offer a host of benefits in terms of convenience, security, and energy conservation. When you get a panel of Lucid liquid crystal you aren’t just getting a piece of tint that switches on and off, opaque to clear. You are getting 99% UV protection. Don’t forget, you can also use it as a projection screen.

Electrochromic film


Smart window treatments offer a host of benefits In terms of convenience, security, and energy conservation. Lucid creates optimal levels of privacy and solar control with liquid crystal technology controlled by an electrical current. Tested to perform for more than 15 years, our low voltage switchable window tint is energy efficient and cool. Safety is top notch too: There are no pull cords that pose a strangulation risk to children and pets. There’s nothing to break. Wires are connected from the film to a transformer which is then connected to the building’s current by plugging it into an outlet. You can choose to operate it with a wall switch or a remote control. Our dimmable transformer is also an option and is compatible with all the big smart-home names like Crestron, Lutron, Control4 and others using RS 485 ports.

Our background of installing architectural window films with over 50 years of combined experience brought us here. We found our inspiration for Lucid Liquid Crystal after every brand of smart tint fell flat from ordering to quality to customer service. We had questions and we weren’t getting answers. There were problems and without solutions.

Lucid was launched to offer you a user-friendly experience from start to finish. We see electric privacy tint as a tool for modernists to raise the bar in dynamic spaces with the simplicity of an on/off switch. We wanted to put this awesome technology into the hands of our customers easily and quickly.

Our warehouse is located in California and ready to work on your next project. For the perfect end result with Lucid, hiring a professional installer is recommended. Contact us! We may have a licensed installer to recommend in your area.

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