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Lucidtint is exclusively available for sale to distributors with wholesale licenses to maintain the integrity of the brand and ensure that its products are distributed and represented accurately and professionally. 


We are installers too. We know how scary installing super expensive window tint can be when it's you who will have to fix it if anything goes wrong. We have been there! Lucid is easy to install. The adhesive is forgiving. If you are a professional window tinter, you got this! Need help? Let us know. 

6 point measure copy.jpg
Measure Properly

It's important to do a 6 point measure on each pane of glass. Framing isn't always square.



Each Lucidtint panel must be slightly smaller than the glass. We will reduce your sizes 1/8" from each side.

Moving Doors & Windows

Every moving pane will require a transfer cable or device, as depicted here. We offer various options tailored to different scenarios.

Transfer Connectors_edited.jpg

Special Shapes

Yes, we can make just about any shape. You will need to create a template and send it to us. 


Customized in California

72" the widest self-adhesive dimmable smart tint in the US
   99% UV Rejection
Remote control included
Similar or lower cost than motorized shades/blinds
Office Quartz narrow.png




Get in Touch

Go to the bottom of this page and fill out the contact form. Give us some details about your project. Ask us questions. Tell us your concerns. We'll get back to you and probably ask you a few questions. If you need an installer or are an installer, let us know that as well. 


Place Your Order

Once we have enough details you will receive an estimate. Following approval an invoice will be emailed. After payment your project will be set into motion. We supply shop drawings to confirm busbar placement. After they are approved your custom panels will be put into production.


Sizes & Photos

As much as we wish all windows could be candidates for smart tint, that's not the case. In order to know how the film will work for each opening we need to see them. To get costs, we need sizes. It's okay to start with approximate sizes but before placing your order, exact measurements will be necesary.


Unboxing & Installation

Your materials will be packaged with care to ensure they arrive undamaged. Open everything and confirm your order is complete and good working condition. Get ready for installation of your future forward window coverings as well as jealous friends and neighbors.

Tell us about your project!

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