Is Lucidtint Right For Your Home or Office?

The spaces we live, and work should be safe and comfortable. When you walk in the door a sense of safety and privacy is ideal for any personal environment. You have many options when it comes to modern window coverings. There are shades, blinds, curtains, and shutters and then there’s Lucidtint.

Lucidtint switches on and off, opaque to clear with a toggle or remote. It is compatible with automated lighting systems and blocks 99% UV film so you can put it on a timer to turn off when you leave the house, and it will be keeping your privacy and furnishings from getting sun damaged at the same time. Maybe you are interested in controlling privacy at work. Conference rooms are a consistent point of concern for many offices. There are times when information cannot be shared with eyes outside of a meeting and there are times when the same room needs to be kept clear. Dustfree, low voltage, energy efficient and made to last, Lucidtint is a great option for this scenario.

Mulipane doors and windows that are not good fit for Lucidtint


There are a few factors to consider before deciding if Lucidtint is right for your situation. For example, if you have doors or windows that are made up of many panes of glass – Lucidtint isn’t the right solution. Each pane will have a panel of smart film wired with a positive and negative wire. The wires traverse across the frame to meet other wires heading to the transformer. Too many wires are coming from one door or window can look messy. On the other hand, if you have large panes of separate glass like sliding doors or windows it’s a great option. We make the largest sizes in the market at 71” wide x 16’ long.


Individual panes of glass per frame are the best scenario for Lucidtint


So get in touch and give us some info about your glass. We’ll be happy to help you!